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  • The naked truth about Marina Abramović

    Celebrated as a secular saint, the artist’s hollow brand of ‘shocking’ performance art only reveals that we are desperate for meaning My comment piece on the Marina Abramović retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts, London

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  • Mike Nelson at the Hayward Gallery

    Mike Nelson at the Hayward Gallery

    Mike Nelson’s claustrophobic installations broke new ground two decades ago, long before “immersive” exhibitions became urban leisure-time staples. This overdue survey of the British artist’s career revisits and remodels his key works, and is dominated by the extraordinary, Hayward Gallery-filling The Deliverance and the Patience (2001). It’s a monstrous, jerry-built labyrinth of dingy rooms, full…

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  • People Make Television

    People Make Television

    My review of a brilliant show revisiting public access broadcasting in the 1970s, at Raven Row, London, for ArtReview Exhibiting an archive is always a potentially radical act. The past either disappears, or ends up in some unlighted store, waiting for someone to come looking for it, to find its usefulness in the present. Then,…

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  • DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

    DYOR (Do Your Own Research)

    My review of the recent show DYOR at Kunsthalle Zürich, a brilliant overview of the wild mix of art, technology, pop culture and tech-utopianism of the NFT boom

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