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Latest article - read my article on the crisis at the ICA in Mute magazine here

Read my interview with Jacques Ranciere in the April 2010 issue of ArtReview magazine - digital version available at

Read my interview with Anthony Gormley in the September issue of ArtReview magazine:

"I think there’s a very strong sense that if you are in the public eye and you end up as it were in the newspapers, you can’t possibly be a serious artist..." digital version available at

Recent writing - Opting Out; the trouble with art education

"the debate over the future of art education needs to address whether the formation of young artists and the development of art's culture is best served by art education's cur rent location within the mainstream infra structure of higher education..." read article

Recent writing - Art and the market boom

"what if the ‘boom’ doesn’t stop? What might that signify about the changing shape of the artworld, and what are the consequences of this for art making, for the role it plays in contemporary culture, and for the possibility of a critical art in a scene increasingly dominated by the gravitational pull of art’s commercial systems?" read article

Mark McGowan Profile:

"McGowan’s work takes the ghost of performance art and uses it to haunt the mass media, and the art world, with their own bad faith..." read article

Recent writing - Art and Beauty:

"Whilst the claims made for art’s directly political affect currently look more than a little exaggerated, the serious revival of interest in aesthetics may similarly reflect the exhaustion of the belief in art’s antagonistic cultural potential, and a retreat to safer ground..." read article


Chapman Brothers at Tate Britain and Paradise Row

Feature Article: A Field of Many-Coloured Objects: Sculpture Now

Valie Export at Camden Arts Centre

Shahin Afrassiabi at Project Gallery, Dublin

Alexis Harding at Andrew Mummery, London

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